If you are a RADIO CLUB member anywhere in NSW and thinking of selling or buying a vessel.

Contact your local Marine Rescue Base as you can only register one vessel registration number on our Seahawk Tracking System.

We will have to add a new registration number or delete an existing registration number from your RADIO CLUB member number. This enables the new owner to register on our Seahawk Tracking System which will not happen until the previous registration number has been deleted from the system.

Your RADIO CLUB member number remains with you and not with the vessel as long as you are a financial member.

If you have decided to cancel your membership your RADIO CLUB number will be re allocated to a new RADIO CLUB member.

Go to the RADIO CLUB RENEWAL dropdown or send an email to and fill in all relevant information required to update the Seahawk Tracking System.

We thank you for supporting us and hope you have enjoyed our service.

Saving Lives on the Water

Radio Base (SARCC) Manned 24/7
2/15 Elliot Way, Port Macquarie

Ph: 02 5547 9100

Marine Rescue Port Macquarie Boat Shed
11a Buller Street, Port Macquarie
Ph 02 5547 9100

For urgent or boating information contact the radio base.