Why become a Radio Club Member?

As a RADIO CLUB member, when you log on with your RADIO CLUB PM Number, you immediately become part of our 3 hourly sked check. Our radio base will call you at 0900, 1200, 1500 and 1800, (approximately and as applicable) to check that all is well with you. Even in the best prepared vessels, things can go wrong. If you do not reply to the call, procedures will commence immediately to verify your wellbeing.

This service greatly enhances your safety:

The service is not offered to non RADIO CLUB members or those who use the “Marine Rescue Mobile App”. Under normal circumstances a vessel would have to be an hour overdue on return before any search procedures are considered.

Who can be a Radio Club Member:

Anyone who owns any type of boat or personal water craft and wishes to have enhanced surveillance and increased safety while on the water.

What does it cost:

$40.00 per year which runs from 1st July to 30th June.

Your RADIO CLUB Membership is a DONATION and as such your membership is tax deductible as we are a registered charity.

Your membership donation helps us maintain our volunteer service as we are NOT government funded and rely heavily on community support.


As a PM Radio Club Member you have access to the Marine Rescue NSW Shop. Go to the Marine Rescue Website, log in with your PM Supporter Number (PM…) and Vessel Rego and you can order goods at a special member’s discount price.

Manual application forms are available from our 24/7 Radio Base or Join online here >>

Renewals and changes can be done online here >>

Please supply a photo of your vessel showing the vessel registration number and send it to pmmrnsw.membership@gmail.com

Annual cost is $40-

Radio Base (SARCC) Manned 24/7
2/15 Elliot Way, Port Macquarie

Ph: 02 5547 9100

Marine Rescue Port Macquarie Boat Shed
11a Buller Street, Port Macquarie
Ph 02 5547 9100

For urgent or boating information contact the radio base.