Port Macquarie Marine Rescue now have the biggest fleet of any unit in NSW

Port Macquarie Marine Rescue now boasts the biggest fleet of any unit in the state in the lead-up to this summer’s holiday season. The organisation has secured a second jet ski making it the most prepared Marine Rescue unit outside of metropolitan areas.

Unit commander Greg Davies said the additional jetski will boost the unit’s capabilities and looks forward to being able to provide another level of protection and safety to boat users in Port Macquarie.

“This day is nearly three years in the making but as our waterways get busier and our unit grows, the demand for a second jetski has always been there,” Mr Davies said. The benefit of us having two jetskis is that they can both work together in coastal searches and are more mobile in the canals and waterways where out bigger vessels struggle to get to. The other benefit is they can both go out together. In the past we have had to send one of our other boats for safety which have to have two, three or four people on them at any one time. This way the two jetskis can do their own training separately and be sent out independently saving lives.”

The original jetski is called PM 10 and now the second jetski will be called PM 11. Mr Davies said that over the last 12 months the unit has undergone a major expansion of members and with now 14 operators, two jetskis is justified.

“It is not something that can just happen but with our large drive for members and increasing number of boats in our area two jetskis will be very helpful for the upcoming season,” he said. It takes a minimum of three months to get fully qualified to become a jetski operator because you need to be fully confident and trained to go out in any and all conditions and perform your job to our high level. It is a lot of work but it is another way we can ensure we do everything we can to help save lives on the water.”

He said the added jetski will be able to strengthen the water resources used in rescues and searches in the Port Macquarie-Hastings region.

“The additional jetski is also an asset for our surf life savers and lifeguards who we work closely with especially over summer. If needed we can deploy the jetskis in less than 10 minutes which in the past have been sent as north as Point Plomer and down south to Dunbogan as well as all over the waterways in the Hastings. They are instrumental in searches closer to shore and work well in collaboration with other emergency services. We also use the jetskis when we support Ironman in May, Australia Day, the Lions Club Easter duck race, Clean Up Australia Day which will be boosted by the extra vessel.”

Credit: Port News