Marine Rescue Port Macquarie tow 30 foot cruiser to Port Macquarie after engine failure

Marine Rescue Port Macquarie have rescued and towed a 30 foot cruiser to Port Macquarie after it suffered an engine failure.

The sea rescue occurred around 3pm on Monday, July 29, when the cruiser became stranded with electrical problems south of Queens Head.

Marine Rescue Port Macquarie unit commander Greg Davies said volunteers received the call for assistance to rescue four people on board and the newly purchased cruiser.

“They were heading south from South West Rocks to the Central Coast when they broke down,” said Mr Davies. “The boat wouldn’t start due to an electrical failure and needed to be rescued.”

Mr Davies said it was lucky the boat was able to contact Marine Rescue to tow the vessel back to Port Macquarie around 6pm that night.

“In this case they weren’t logged on with anyone so we didn’t know they were travelling,” he said. “Had they lost radio contact we wouldn’t have known they were out there.”

“We recommend if you are going to make a journey up and down the coast then you should log on with the Marine Rescue unit on channel 16. Let Marine Rescue know when you are leaving and an expected arrival time so they can monitor the whole journey and make sure you get to the destination safely.”